Valley News – Lebanon Police Successfully Recovers Elderly Woman’s Stolen Cryptocurrency


Published: 4/10/2023 at 6:31.15 PM

Modified: 4/10/2023 06:29:29 PM

LEBANON — Police in Lebanon have managed to recover a large sum of cryptocurrency belonging to an elderly resident at a local senior living facility. The victim’s meticulously kept records were credited for being instrumental in the successful return of nearly $6,000 worth of digital currency.

Though the police have not revealed the identity of the victim, it is known that the online scheme she was taken in had caused her to invest in cryptocurrency and the funds were later transferred to a different account, denying her access to it. The U.S. Secret Service provided the Lebanon Police with a computer software to trace crypto transactions, which was essential in locating the Nigerian account where the money was stored.

The victim was fortunate enough to have kept records of her cryptocurrency investment, which proved invaluable in tracing the stolen funds to the foreign exchange where they were deposited. However, the value of the recovered cryptocurrency was lower than the initial investment due to the fluctuations in its value.

The woman’s case was taken up by the police after she approached them following a presentation they had made about the dangers of cyber fraud to senior living facility residents in June of last year. It was estimated that tracing and recovering the stolen funds required around 15 to 20 hours of the investigator’s time, as well as the processing of legal warrants.

Though the perpetrator of the fraud is likely to remain out of reach, the police remain dedicated to helping victims of cyber crime, such as the elderly woman in this case.

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