“VGX Foundation, Gala Games, and Genopets Unite to Reward Players with VGX Tokens”


In a groundbreaking partnership, the VGX Foundation, based in the Cayman Islands, has joined forces with Genopets to incorporate the VGX token as a reward in their popular move-to-earn NFT mobile game on Solana. This collaboration will not only introduce VGX as a reward token, but also create a new level of utility and rewards for using VGX within the Genopets ecosystem.

As a token that bridges multiple chains, VGX is focused on promoting utility across GameFi and gaming ecosystems. This partnership with Genopets, which launched in 2021, is a significant step towards achieving this goal. With over 200,000 active players during their private beta, Genopets is one of the largest games on Solana. It is a free-to-play mobile game where players summon digital pets, known as “Genopets,” which evolve and grow as players stay active in the real world. Now, players can earn VGX as a reward for the energy they generate in the game.

To kick off the partnership, a series of competitions will be held for Genopets players to earn VGX from a $150,000 prize pool. Players can compete on the Energy leaderboard by banking their steps daily, and this competition is open to both new and existing players. Additionally, new players can claim a special reward of rare food and toys for their Genopet by using the referral code “VGX” when they sign up and bank their first steps during this campaign.

Expanding the partnership, players who earn VGX will also be able to take it to Gala Games and use it to purchase a season pass for Voyager: Ascension, unlocking further rewards in future games.

Claire Abrehart, Director of VGX (BVI) Ltd, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating that it unlocks new possibilities for the VGX ecosystem. She also mentioned the recent success of VGX’s collaboration with Gala Games, which has opened up new opportunities for in-game rewards and experiences in the Web3 gaming landscape. Genopets Co-founder, Jay Chang, echoed her sentiments, saying that this partnership presents a huge opportunity for their foundation to grow and expand their ecosystem.

Earlier this year, the VGX Foundation also announced a partnership with Gala Games, using the GalaChain SDK to integrate VGX into their games as a reward token. This will allow gamers to earn VGX-based rewards for in-game achievements within specific titles.

About the VGX Foundation, it leads the evolution of decentralized gaming economies through its dynamic blockchain-based gaming token, VGX. This token serves as an in-game currency and reward mechanism, empowering diverse gaming communities. The VGX Foundation also provides grants and partnerships for game developers and platforms, fostering the growth of the token’s use case and nurturing a thriving VGX ecosystem.

Genopets, on the other hand, is a free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT mobile game that makes living an active lifestyle fun and rewarding. Players can earn crypto while playing as they explore, battle, and evolve their Genopets, whose growth is tied to their own.

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