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PRESS RELEASE. As The global financial markets are facing uncertain times, the crypto industry remained sluggish in 2022. In spite of this, more funds were raised in the first half of the year than in 2021 due to the ongoing bearish sentiment. It is evident that this bear market also has its advantages, allowing for higher-value projects and categories to form. This gives us the opportunity to be ready for the next crypto bull.

2022 Under Review: Uncovering The Potential of The Blockchain Space

From the moment it was established in 2005, ViaBTC Capital, a dedicated blockchain-focused institutional investor, has worked to combine the talent, capital, technology, and resources of the blockchain space and create a comprehensive, enabling ecosystem for blockchain investment. Through their hard work, they have achieved a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Looking back at their track record in 2022, ViaBTC Capital has invested in many promising and unique projects, such as ZKX, SingSing, ZKX Protocol, Sparkadia, Port3, PEPO, Orderly Network, Aperture, and WOO. Additionally, they have formed strategic partnerships with public chain ecosystems such as Near (MetaWeb Ventures), Metis and Avalanche, with a high return on investment and forward-thinking deployments. These efforts have resulted in the sharing of resources, creating a win-win outcome for everyone involved.

In the bear market, ViaBTC Capital has managed to create a diverse portfolio and improve its post-investment services. This year, ViaBTC Capital has focused on data infrastructure and services, with an emphasis on ZK technology. In addition, the institution diversifies its investment approach and increases the connections between their portfolio and the ViaBTC Group. With the help of their team and the training and workshops they offer, ViaBTC Capital is able to choose their investment objectives based on technological innovation and feasibility. They believe a solid project should create a positive and sustainable economic cycle for long-term growth.

ViaBTC Capital also has a successful track record when it comes to post-investment services, such as operational strategies, funding channels, economic models, and marketing. The institution has provided advice and suggestions to project parties and built trust by leveraging their strengths. Moreover, ViaBTC Capital has made data utilization a priority in their 2022 strategy, closely following the financial crypto markets and analyzing market trends. With their strong professional competence and established investment structure, they have published more than 50 industry development reports that offer an informative data reference for the blockchain investment market.

The blockchain investment market is showing promise. As an institutional investor, ViaBTC Capital’s goal is to promote the development of the industry. According to their analysis, the industry is expected to continue to grow over the next two-year period, with continued innovation and development of blockchain. In order for the blockchain space to be ready for widespread adoption, the capacity of infrastructures such as public chains, Layer 2, data availability layers, and middleware must be improved. Project teams also need to focus on technology and product improvements to deliver better products to users and provide more satisfying experiences. ViaBTC Capital will continue to collaborate with their partners, innovate, and search for the next blockchain unicorn.

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