“Warning for Investors: No One Should Suffer Losses in Crypto, Regardless of Status”


Introducing a new column that will focus on the tangential stories that come out of the blockchain and crypto space, with a skeptical perspective from a former Russian literature major. This column will explore topics that are often overlooked in the hype of the crypto market, such as the FOMO culture, unrealistic gains, and the predatory nature of promoting risky investments.

Recently, a sloth-themed memecoin called SLERF made headlines for accidentally burning $10 million in presale funds. While some have accused a team member of engineering the burn for their own gain, others believe it was a genuine mistake. Regardless, the attention on SLERF has caused its token price to soar, making some traders millions. However, for the 25,000 investors who lost their money, there is little sympathy. This highlights the fickle nature of crypto, where success is praised and failure is ridiculed.

But no one deserves to lose their money, no matter how silly their investment may seem. Blaming and shaming those who take chances in the crypto market is pointless. Instead, we should look at the culture that promotes unrealistic gains and preys on those who are willing to risk their funds.

As someone who is not deeply invested in the tech or financial aspects of crypto, this column will focus on the more human side of the industry. It will explore the weird and unexpected stories that arise from the world of blockchain, and offer a unique perspective that is not tied to any particular agenda.

So, let’s go off topic and discuss the tangential side of crypto. And don’t forget to join our free daily newsletter to stay updated on the latest news.

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