WAVES Price Soars 91% as DWF Labs Endorses WavesDAO Project


WavesDAO is a For-Profit Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on the Power Protocol Platform, designed to support the development of projects and other initiatives based on the Waves Blockchain. On June 22, DWF Labs, DWF’s global digital asset marketer and web3 investment company, announced its support of the launch of WavesDAO by committing 500K Waves to Waves Staking and voting in support of the project.

This news has caused the WAVES Price to reach a peak of $2.82, with an increase of 91.23% within 24 hours. A governor must have at least 100 PWRs staked to initiate a successful proposal and 1 PWR for participation in the DAO. The WavesDAO is looking to use a quarter of its funding to reward Waves miners with rewards, and this proposal requires approval by Waves On-chain voting.

This is a great opportunity for investors. The PWR token holders are responsible for managing the PWR token, making it an excellent investment vehicle. Moments like this are rare and should be taken advantage of. Get to know more about the WavesDAO and make sure to share this article with others.

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