Wemade Unveils Talk to Earn App Tangled


  • Wemade has unveiled their Talk to Earn dApp Tangled on their DAO and NFT Platform NILE.
  • AI-based verification system is used to ensure the highest standards of safety for users.
  • Users can earn time points and swap them for utility tokens, such as WEMIX.

South Korean gaming and blockchain company Wemade have recently launched their new Talk to Earn (T2E) decentralised application, Tangled, on their DAO and NFT Platform NILE.

The news was shared via press release on Monday and the firm is hoping to use the AI-based verification system to ensure the highest standards of safety for Web3 live chat users. The artificial intelligence is also used to ban fake gender accounts or profiles.

Users can earn points through chat

Tangled users will have an opportunity to chat with others from around the world. The application has a built-in system that allows users to gain time points if others accept their chat offer.

The collected points are stored in native Tangled NFTs called Tangled Timepieces, which are in three grades – Luxury, High-End, and Zenith. By fusing same grade NFTs, users can achieve a higher grade NFT. With higher pieces, more time points and longer chat times can be earned.

Users can also exchange their points for TIPO, a utility token that can then be swapped for other digital assets, such as WEMIX.

Wemade has been pushing their blockchain and Web3 strategies since CoinJournal reported on their “blockchain facelift” for Legend of Mir. Additionally, the firm recently teamed up with decentralised warehousing provider Space and Time to help power their blockchain gaming platform WEMIX PLAY. They are also aiding the further development of GameFi.

The UNI token has also seen an increase since Wemade announced it would add liquidity to Uniswap. The WEMIX/USDC pool on Uniswap V3 saw huge volume spikes, which helped to drive the UNI price up.

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