What Can Swan Bitcoin Do For You?


When It comes to investing in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchanges are often the go-to option. However, these platforms can be quite complicated and risky, and they don’t always provide the best advice and support. This is why Swan Bitcoin has become an increasingly popular option for those looking to purchase the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency. This article will explore what Swan Bitcoin can do for you.

Dollar Cost Averaging and Automating Your Bitcoin Purchases

Swan Bitcoin provides users with the ability to automate their Bitcoin purchases. This is done by setting up a recurring or one-time purchase and linking their bank accounts for withdrawal. Additionally, there is a spread or differential charge to cover the difference between the bid and ask prices. With this approach, users can reduce the average cost of each purchase and build a more disciplined investment strategy.

For example, if someone invests $500 per month, they will get more Bitcoin in a bullish market, and if the market falls, they can still buy more Bitcoin for the same amount. This helps to lower the average price per coin compared to what someone would pay if they purchased all of their Bitcoin at once when it was most expensive.

Expert Advice and Support

Swan Bitcoin not only provides a consumer-focused approach, but it also offers services for high-net worth individuals and businesses. This means that users have access to expert advice and support, which is something that is not always available on cryptocurrency exchanges. With this platform, users can create a customized plan to save Bitcoin and receive advice from knowledgeable resources.

Additionally, Swan Bitcoin offers private accounts, allowing high-net worth individuals and businesses to generate wealth with Bitcoin. This includes a portfolio rebalancing service that helps users adjust their asset allocation target level by buying and selling Bitcoin. The platform also provides open-source products for custody and multi-signature software.

Saving Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin also allows users to “save” rather than “trade” Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is seen as property and not a security in the United States, so it can’t be used to raise capital or be marketed by a centralized entity. Plus, decentralized networks with global nodes have proven that the system is sufficiently decentralized and immutable.

With Swan Bitcoin, users can set up a recurring buying plan that is considered a savings account in the eyes of regulatory authorities. They can also pause or cancel the plan at any time and withdraw Bitcoin manually or set up an automated withdrawal plan. This helps to reduce potential shocks in bear markets and provides an easy and frictionless way to acquire Bitcoin.

Lower Fees

Swan Bitcoin is a Bitcoin-only platform, so it is able to reduce fees that would normally be charged when making small purchases. This is because it doesn’t need a node to verify altcoins, and it is intended for long-term savings plans. Additionally, multi-currency platforms often require compliance departments, which can complicate the security situation and increase trading fees.

Is Swan Bitcoin Safe?

When purchasing Bitcoin through Swan Bitcoin, it is kept with Prime Trust, a custodian that is institutional-grade. This means that the users are the sole legal owners of the funds that they store with Prime Trust, and all data is encrypted using military-grade AES256 encryption. Furthermore, transfers of Bitcoin can only be made with the user’s permission and without the use of fiat.

Overall, Swan Bitcoin is a great option for those looking to purchase Bitcoin. It provides users with an automated and easy way to purchase Bitcoin and offers advice and support from experts in the field. Additionally, it helps to reduce fees and encourages saving over spending, so it is a great way to get started with Bitcoin.