What is the BNB Chain and How Does it Operate?


Key Takeaways

  • Alex Kim is the Head of Partnerships in the Americas for BNB Chain, and he joins the CoinJournal podcast
  • He talks about the bear market, an interoperable future, the ease of building on BNB Chain, gas fees, decentralisation and more
  • The dark side of of crypto, the migration of projects from other blockchains and much more are also discussed

With so many blockchain options out there, it can be difficult to keep up with each one. To get the inside scoop, Alex Kim joins the CoinJournal podcast, the Head of Partnerships in the Americas of BNB Chain, to explain what BNB Chain is and how it works. The chain has become a major force in the space. 

The conversation covered various topics. To start, Alex delved into the relationship between Binance and BNB Chain, with Binance being an early supporter. He then went on to explain the role of BNB and the low gas fees available on the chain. 

The discussion then moved on to rivals, with Alex talking about Ethereum and the potential for interoperability. He also touched on the recent migration of projects, such as Uniswap, to the BNB Chain. 

The bear market was another topic of conversation, with Alex explaining how he navigated the industry during this turbulent period. He also commented on the dark side of crypto and the ease of building in a decentralised world, with scams being commonplace. 

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