: What it means Dash Halving Complete: What it Means for Crypto Market


The block reward on the Dash (DASH) blockchain has been reduced after its halving at block height 1,892,161.

Unlike Bitcoin, which reduces its block reward by half every four years, Dash reduces the reward by 7.14% every 210,240 blocks, approximately every 365 days. The next halving is estimated to occur in the first week of July 2024, with the reward reducing from 2.3097 DASH to 2.1448 DASH.

This reduction of the block reward affects miners’ earnings for supplying their computational power to process transactions and secure the network. For example, ViaBTC informed miners that the reward will reduce from 1.05 to 0.98 DASH.

The block reward is split three ways: miners and masternodes share 90%, with miners receiving 42.3% and masternodes 57.7%. The ratio is set to change in favour of the masternodes over time, reaching a 40:60 ratio by May 2025.

Dash’s halving is around 40 days before Litecoin’s, which is expected in August this year. After that, the most anticipated block halving event will be Bitcoin’s, scheduled for April 2024 (the countdown is 308 days).

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