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Since the arrest of FTX cofounder Sam Bankman-Fried, statements from his coworkers, Gary Wang and Caroline Ellison, have been released. Much of the public’s attention has been on former Alameda Research co-CEO Sam Trabucco, who resigned from the company in August of 2022 amidst allegations of misconduct.

FTX Executives Shine a Spotlight on Sam Trabucco

Following the arrest of SBF, attention has been directed toward the executives who haven’t come forward or publicly stated their cooperation with law enforcement. So far, at least three of FTX’s coworkers have spoken out in support of SBF, including Caroline Ellison, Gary Wang, and Ryan Salame. Other high-ranking executives include former FTX Engineering Director, Nishad Singh, and former FTX Head of Product, Ramnik Arora.

The public’s attention has shifted to Sam Trabucco, the former co-CEO of Alameda Research, who resigned in August of 2022. On Twitter, Trabucco has posted two interesting tweets. On November 6th, he retweeted a post from Caroline Ellison that read, “Changpeng Zhao, if you’re looking to minimize the impact of the market on your FTT sales, Alameda will gladly buy it all for $22 today!” On November 8th, he wrote, “Much love to all. I’m sure the last few days have been dark for many and I hope the road ahead is brighter.”

Former Susquehanna International Group Trader Sam Trabucco joined Alameda Research 2019

Since then, Trabucco has been silent on social media and has not spoken with journalists. It is not known whether he is cooperating with law enforcement or has been arrested. Speculation on his whereabouts has been rife, with one Twitter user claiming, “The FBI is now searching for Sam Trabucco, the former co-CEO of Alameda Research and Nishad Singh.”

Trabucco’s exact location is unknown. It is not known whether he is still in the US or has gone into hiding. But his name continues to be mentioned by conspirators who ask for his name, with one Twitter user saying, “I’m 99% sure Williams is what it stands for Sam Trabucco.”

The whereabouts of the former Alameda Research co-CEO remain a mystery. It is unclear if he is still in the US or if he has been apprehended. For now

Reports from the New York Post and Bloomberg have shed light on the whereabouts of a 30-year-old executive who played an integral role in Alameda’s success. Last summer, tweets on the matter were posted on Twitter. According to the Post, more details regarding Trabucco’s involvement have now been revealed. The Centralized cryptocurrency exchange was looking for ways to “reduce exposure to Okx,” with Trabucco’s help.

“Not only are we not sellers, we are HUGE buyers, although it is risky, because in fact, we can take the risk and this trade is GREAT from what we know, it was crucial, and it is something that we are always aiming to do,” Trabucco tweeted.

Prior to working for Alameda, Trabucco was a trader for Susquehanna International Group. Furthermore, Bloomberg reports contain information regarding Trabucco’s financial misconduct. He may or may not have been kicked out of three casinos for card counting. Fraud was committed between FTX and Alameda in 2019, the same year Trabucco joined Alameda. In the crypto world, this MIT graduate’s involvement in this period of time could have led to potential financial misconduct.

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