Why Robert Kiyosaki is Investing in Bitcoin: Expects BTC to Reach $100K


Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has revealed why he has decided to invest in Bitcoin. He expects the leading cryptocurrency to reach $100,000 in the coming years.

Why Robert Kiyosaki is Backing Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad, shared his thoughts on Bitcoin on Twitter Thursday. He explained that he was convinced to buy BTC when the price dropped to $6,000. He believes that Bitcoin is not dependent on a Fed or government bailout as it is “people’s money”.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki Shares Why He Loves Bitcoin — Expects BTC to Hit $100K

In a recent episode of Rich Dad Radio, Kiyosaki revealed that he purchased 60 bitcoins for $6,000 each. He also mentioned that he had bought some BTC earlier at $9,000.

Kiyosaki has long been a proponent of investing in Bitcoin, gold and silver. Recently, he predicted that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise. In Thursday’s tweet, he said that Bitcoin could be worth $100,000. In February, he predicted that by 2025, bitcoin would reach $500,000 while gold and silver would both hit $5,000.

The renowned author has also warned repeatedly about the U.S. economic situation and the direction in which the U.S. currency is heading. Last month, he forecasted an economic crash due to the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes, which could affect stocks, bonds, real estate, and the U.S. dollar. He also warned of hyperinflation.

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