Will IOTA20’s Presale Pump 13,628x Like its Predecessor?


The IOTA20 token is a new addition to the original Internet-of-Things (IoT) focused crypto project, IOTA. Those who invested in its 2015 initial coin offering (ICO) when one bitcoin was priced at $314, saw a return of 13,628x when IOTA ($MIOTA) reached its all-time high of $5.69. Now, the IOTA20 token has the potential to match those impressive gains.

The ‘2.0 version’ theme has been proven to be a powerful pull for new prospective investors. Coins such as PEPE2.0, XRP2.0, DOGE2.0 and BTC20 are just some of the most recent examples of version 2.0 coins that have delivered 100x gains or more for early buyers. PEPE2.0 returned 20,635%, DOGE2.0 had an incredible 233,707% return and XRP2.0 shot to a gain of 82,646%.

IOTA20 is introducing an innovative stake-to-earn concept to create lasting value for token holders. Through its Eco-friendly Proof-of-Stake model, holders are able to maximize their potential in the crypto market by using their usual MetaMask or other Ethereum wallet to access staking. Medium-term forecasts suggest an upside of up to 294%, and in the long-term the sky is the limit.

IOTA was at one stage a top tier altcoin, but since then has slipped down the market cap league table. While its use case remains valid, its complex technology and governance issues have weighed on the project. IOTA20 is hoping to revitalize the brand and utility token by introducing a token based on the revamped Ethereum blockchain.

IOTA has a sizeable following in the German-speaking communities, and the birth of IOTA20 has been eagerly anticipated. Those interested in buying the IOTA20 token can do so with Ethereum or USDT via the IOTA20.com website.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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