World’s First Web3 Food Ordering Marketplace Launched in Metaverse Through Devour & Alterverse Partnership


Devour Inc, a pioneering restaurant engagement technology company, has announced a strategic partnership with AlterVerse, a gaming industry innovator. The collaboration will expand DevourGO, the Devour web3 enabled guest engagement platform, to AlterVerse’s soon-to-be-released Sky City gaming Metaverse.

DevourGO has become a prominent player in token-gated food ordering experiences. It is gaining swift recognition for its approach, which allows users to unlock experiences by using their digital assets and DevourPAY ($DPAY) for payments and rewards on the platform. With this new partnership, DevourGO will provide the ability to order real world food from stores within AlterVerse’s photorealistic metaverse.

The AlterVerse team, supported by Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, and Labs, is building a global gaming community. Sky City, developed on Unreal Engine 5, offers a wide range of experiences beyond traditional gaming. Users can play games and challenges, design their own homes, engage in competition, and shop at many restaurants and retail stores in the central hub. The metaverse is blockchain-driven, allowing users to create, own, and sell in-game creations.

As part of the partnership, DevourGO will be integrated into Sky City. This will enable users to order food and beverages from participating restaurants in the virtual world. In addition to receiving real world food, players will be able to increase their hunger and thirst meters, which are necessary to progress in the game. Players will also be able to order from restaurants close to their physical location.

“We are excited to partner with Alterverse and extend the reach of DevourGO to the world of AlterVerse’s Sky City metaverse,” said Shelly Rupel, CEO at Devour. “This collaboration is a major step forward in enhancing guest engagement for restaurant brands. By combining the immersive experiences of Alterverse with the convenience and efficiency of DevourGO, we are allowing restaurant guests to order, dine, and engage in an entirely new way.”

Devour and AlterVerse will collaborate to ensure a seamless integration of DevourGO with the metaverse. Restaurant brands will be able to leverage the combination of Devour’s technology and AlterVerse’s gaming environment to produce unforgettable customer experiences and maximize their reach in the gaming community.

About Devour:
Devour Inc is a restaurant engagement technology company committed to transforming the way restaurants connect with their guests. Their DevourGO platform utilizes web3 technology to provide delivery and pick-up ordering services for restaurants of all sizes. Included in the Devour ecosystem is DevourPAY $DPAY ( and The Industry Pass (

About AlterVerse:
AlterVerse is a leading force in the gaming industry, constructing a four-phase metaverse based on Unreal Engine 5. Sky City gaming metaverse allows users to play mini-games and adventures, fly a ‘Copter over a shrouded planet, race a Violator around the Sky City track, and monetize their in-game creations within an expansive, interconnected ecosystem. The metaverse is powered by blockchain technology, VR compatible, and offers players opportunities for both immersive gameplay and financial reward.

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Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

CEO, Shelly Rupel, Devour Inc, [email protected]

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