Wormhole Foundation Launches Cosmos Appchain ‘Gateway’


Wormhole, a decentralized messaging protocol, has launched a new application-specific blockchain called Wormhole Gateway. The appchain, powered by the Cosmos SDK, is designed to increase access and liquidity with the Cosmos platform’s ecosystem. This is made possible through a liquidity router, which allows users to bridge funds to any appchain within the Cosmos ecosystem free of charge.

Gateway’s primary purpose is to improve Wormhole’s security and sovereignty. This is especially important following an exploit of the Wormhole bridge in February 2022, which saw a hacker steal 120,000 wETH (worth $325 million). To better secure the Cosmos ecosystem, Wormhole’s Governor module was introduced to limit cross-chain contagion in the event of a hack.

In June, the protocol released Automatic Relayers, a decentralized network of relayers that enables developers to create cross-chain dApps through a single solidity contract.

This article covers the release of Wormhole Gateway and the features it offers to the Cosmos ecosystem.

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