XRP Price Predicted to Reach $130: Crypto Analyst Gives Bullish Forecast


Since Ripple’s victory against the US SEC, XRP’s price has been displaying promises of a price surge. Many crypto enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on the altcoin, with one analyst even predicting a triple-digit future.

XRP Captain, a crypto analyst and XRP influencer, posted a chart of a symmetrical triangle pattern on X (formerly Twitter), predicting a future price of $130. The same pattern had occurred in 2017, resulting in an over 500% increase in price. He believes that this bull run will take place in 2024.

Earlier in August, another pseudonymous analyst predicted a massive rally for XRP that could bring it back to its all-time high of $3. The analyst highlighted that the XRP/BTC pair had reclaimed the 20-day and 50-day moving averages, a situation that had not been seen since 2017.

The prediction of a triple-digit XRP has been met with some skepticism from other crypto analysts. JD, a crypto trader and chartist, noted that the symmetrical triangle was accurately represented, but could not see the price reaching three digits. He suggested that $20s were still a possibility.

At the time of writing, XRP is down 2.61% on the weekly chart but has seen a slight 0.02% increase in the last day. XRP Whales are taking advantage of the market downturns and buying up hundreds of millions worth of tokens.

Overall, the crypto community is uncertain about the XRP price prediction, but many remain hopeful that the altcoin will experience a significant price surge.

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