XRP Rockets Up Crypto Rankings: Can It Surpass Bitcoin?


Ripple’s XRP has recently surged in popularity and is now one of the top 4 cryptocurrencies worldwide, raising questions about its potential future. XRP is trading at 0.76833, having experienced a rebound from the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of 0.70642.

This impressive price performance has prompted speculation as to whether XRP could outperform Bitcoin. In this analysis, we will explore the factors that have driven the coin’s growth and the possibilities of it surpassing the leading cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s Soaring Surge: A Result of Game-Changing US Court Ruling

Recently, XRP has seen remarkable growth, becoming the top gainer among major cryptocurrencies. This surge was triggered by a pivotal US court ruling, which clarified that the sale of XRP tokens on exchanges should not be treated as investment contracts.

This legal decision had a positive impact on XRP’s reputation and market position, causing its value to reach its highest level since March 2022: 93.8 cents. This development has generated a lot of excitement among investors and enthusiasts, demonstrating how legal decisions can influence the cryptocurrency market.

Potential Appeal by SEC Raises Questions for XRP’s Regulatory Status

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering appealing the recent Ripple Labs lawsuit ruling that XRP is not a security when sold to regular investors. The SEC disagrees with some aspects of the ruling, believing it introduces unnecessary requirements for certain sales, conflicting with the Howey Test.

SEC Chair Gary Gensler expressed his disappointment with the court’s decision not to classify XRP as a security for retail investors. He believes that the SEC should pursue clearer industry regulations.

The news of the SEC potentially appealing the Ripple Labs lawsuit ruling may create uncertainty, which could lead to fluctuations in XRP’s price. If the situation is clarified and regulatory uncertainty is alleviated, it could have a positive effect on XRP’s price.

XRP Price

XRP’s current live price is $0.747855, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,484,889,288. This reflects a nearly 5% decline in the last 24 hours. Despite facing recent setbacks, investors remain optimistic about XRP’s future, largely due to ongoing advancements in its ecosystem.

XRP is ranked #4 on CoinMarketCap, with a live market cap of $39,295,371,278. Investors should monitor new developments before making any decisions.

The question of whether XRP can potentially overtake Bitcoin continues to pique the crypto community’s interest.

Promising Altcoins to Watch Closely

Several promising altcoins have emerged in the crypto market. Keep an eye on their performance and growth trajectory.

Evil Pepe Coin: The Meme Coin Making Waves

Evil Pepe Coin is a new meme coin inspired by the popular Pepe meme. It raised over $420,000 in its initial presale, showing that people are interested. The total supply of coins is 6.66 billion, with 90% sold during the presale at a low price. The remaining 10% is locked for one month to ensure smooth trading. Some investors see it as the next big thing, as similar meme coins have seen enormous returns in recent times.

BTC20: A Blend of Bitcoin’s Legacy and Ethereum’s Innovation

BTC20 is an exciting ICO that combines the best of Bitcoin’s history with the innovation of Ethereum. During the presale, it raised over $11 million by offering 6.05 million BTC20 tokens at a symbolic price of $1 – just like Bitcoin’s early days. What makes BTC20 special is its stake-to-earn feature, which allows token holders to earn passive income through Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. Being built on Ethereum also offers exciting possibilities with smart contracts.

The recent feature on the respected Crypto Whale Pumps Telegram channel has added to the anticipation of BTC20’s debut.

Investors should be aware that crypto is a high-risk asset class and should exercise caution when making investment decisions.

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