“Zbyte Launches SDK to Revolutionize Web3 Growth and Mass Adoption for Creators”


Cayman, Cayman Islands, March 20th, 2024, Chainwire

zbyte is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary SDK, which sets a new standard for blockchain development and accelerates the growth of Web3 ecosystems. This launch is a crucial step in zbyte’s mission to democratize blockchain technology, making it accessible and practical for creators, entrepreneurs, and developers worldwide.

Empowering Creators with Revolutionary Tools: The zbyte SDK simplifies blockchain development by removing complexity. It effortlessly integrates wallet creation into existing web and mobile apps with just a few lines of code, eliminating the need for a seed phrase. But that’s not all. The SDK also allows developers to deploy and invoke smart contract functions directly from their web applications and manage gas payments seamlessly through dPLat. With zbyte’s advanced gas manager, transactions are paid for correctly, resulting in a higher success rate and fewer errors. This launch marks a significant breakthrough in creating a more inclusive and dynamic Web3 space.

The Power of the DPLAT Token: The DPLAT token is central to zbyte’s ecosystem and plays a crucial role in value accrual within the SDK.

Co-Founder Saurabh Radhakrishnan on the SDK Launch: “At zbyte, we understand the complexities developers face with Web2 and blockchain technology, from intricate infrastructures to the decentralized nature and security demands of blockchain. To overcome these obstacles, we have created an integrated platform that simplifies the development process. Our low-code/no-code environment and intuitive tools enable developers to quickly create blockchain applications. The SDK also provides the necessary APIs and tools to scale and enhance their projects, making it easy to transition from prototype to production. Our dPLat currently supports Polygon and Avalanche, with plans to expand compatibility for more blockchain networks in the future. Our goal is to make blockchain development straightforward, allowing developers to bring their innovative visions to life with ease and confidence.”

The SDK-Driven Ecosystem is Thriving: Several developers, creators, and companies are already building on zbyte’s decentralized platform. Over a dozen dApps are set to go live, and promising entities like IDLink, The F* Word, and UGCVerse have launched their businesses using zbyte’s infrastructure, with many more in the pipeline.

Zbyte’s partnership with ID Link is transforming the luxury fashion industry by introducing a product passport that provides detailed insights into the lifecycle of each item, promoting transparency and consumer involvement in sustainable practices. Dea Baker, co-founder of ID Link, highlights this collaboration as a game-changer, empowering customers to make informed choices and actively participate in the circular fashion movement through zbyte’s cutting-edge technology.

UGCVerse is redefining digital engagement by creating a dynamic space where virtual items can evolve into real-world interactions, revolutionizing brand relationships with the digital generation. Lian Pham of UGCverse says, “Our vision goes beyond mere transactions, focusing on meaningful connections that resonate with a new generation. We are thrilled to be powered by zbyte’s innovative technology, bringing virtual and real experiences together.”

The Creators are Coming: zbyte is revolutionizing the transition from Web2 to Web3, serving as the “easy button” for all creators, including authors, designers, artists, musicians, and developers. With a strong pipeline of 25 entities and numerous upcoming dApps, zbyte is set to significantly assist the diverse community of creators, streamlining their journey into the Web3 space.

Rosmon Sidhik, CTO & co-founder of The F* Word, emphasizes the synergy between fashion designers and tech developers facilitated by zbyte: “Our partnership with zbyte has been instrumental in bridging the creative and technological worlds, providing an intuitive platform for fashion designers and developers alike.”


About zbyte

zbyte is a premium AI-enabled Web3 infrastructure platform that is driving the adoption of Web3 by providing an easy-to-use dApp creation platform that supports multiple public blockchains. With zbyte, existing skillsets can fuel a thriving dApp economy, utilizing Web2-friendly programming languages, systems, and user experiences. The increased proliferation of dApps will attract more end-users and blockchain transactions, leading to an increase in the scale and adoption of blockchain-enabled applications.

zbyte offers an array of features and functionality to enable seamless adoption of Web3, such as an API-first approach, support for multiple Layer1 blockchains, connectors to Web2 systems, the ability to use dApps without gas fees, portability of digital assets across chains, built-in ZKP-based privacy, and more – all in one package. By aggregating point solutions in the Web3 industry into one platform, zbyte is paving the way for dApp adoption, leading to more blockchain transactions and the migration of developers from Web2 at scale.



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