zkLink Platform Now Offers Bitget Wallet Connectivity


Victoria, Seychelles, November 13th, 2023 – Chainwire – Renowned as one of the pioneers in multi-chain trading based on zero-knowledge (ZK) proof technology, zkLink has announced the integration of support for Bitget Wallet (formerly known as BitKeep). zkLink’s multi-chain ZK-Rollup technology allows users to access various Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains as well as streamline cross-chain and cross-rollup interactions.

Users can now access zkLink’s official ecosystem DApps through the Bitget Wallet browser extension, including the widely-acclaimed multi-chain order book DEX – ZKEX – and engage in spot and perpetual contract trading on various blockchains such as zkSync Era, Linea, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Base, all from within their Bitget Wallet. Additionally, mobile app users can also easily search for and access the zkLink Ecosystem DApps within the wallet’s integrated DApp browser.

Bitget Wallet is the largest and global frontrunner among all-in-one Web3 multi-chain wallets, offering comprehensive support for over 90 leading blockchains and a wide array of Web3 services. Its DApp browser categorizes and lists over 20,000 different DApps, enabling users to discover a variety of on-chain applications including DEXs, lending platforms, GameFi, and social networks, while also providing the ability to visit any DApp directly via URL search.

In March 2023, Bitget, a leading crypto derivatives trading platform made a substantial $30 million investment in BitKeep, acquiring a controlling stake. Following this strategic move, BitKeep underwent a transformative and strategic brand evolution in August, officially rebranding itself as Bitget Wallet.

zkLink is a multi-rollup trading infrastructure secured with zk-SNARKS, pioneering a seamless decentralized trading experience. By connecting various L1 blockchains and L2 networks, zkLink’s unified, multi-purpose ZK-Rollup middleware enables developers and traders to leverage aggregated assets and liquidity from different chains, contributing to a more accessible and efficient DeFi ecosystem for all.

For more information on Bitget Wallet and zkLink, please visit:

Rachel Cheung, Bitget
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