Zogi Labs and Cronos announce Strategic Partnership for Legends of Bezogia


Dubai, December 13 Zogi LaboratoriesA pioneering crypto company, and game studio renowned for their groundbreaking work in the domain of cryptocurrency. BEZOGE tab And the new crypto-based MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia today announced their partnership with Chronos. Zogi Labs was granted a spot on the “Best of” list of the Cronos Ecosystem Grant Lot 6. Along with the signing of an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Cronos and Zogi Labs, a strategic alliance has been created to pave the way to the future, allowing Zogi Labs to utilize Cronos products.

“By signing a strategic partnership, we plan to support each other in each other’s products and ecosystems to deliver massive benefits to the end user. With our new ZOGI token on the Cronos chain, along with plans for further collaboration, we expect massive growth and a host of opportunities working with Cronos.” Steven MurrayCEO of Zogi Labs

“We are excited to welcome Zogi Labs and their flagship MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia, to Cronos. Games are a core element of the Cronos ecosystem and we look forward to supporting Zogi Labs in bringing their games to the growing Cronos user base.” Ken Timsit, Managing Director, Cronos

Zogi Labs x Cronos

The ideal ecosystems of Cronos and Zogi Labs can now work together thanks to Watch the chronos A suite of tools, including Crypto Play Multiple dApps to grow ecosystems such as NFT, DEXs and more MarketplacesAnd Launchpads Assoc. CryptoServices at.com like Crypto.com Pay. Closely working with Cronos on future developments, Zogi Labs VVS will be fully utilized Finance DEX is used to distribute liquidity, launch future tokens like MBLK and make it easier for holders to trade their tokens and maintain them with very low gas fees. .

ZOGI was launched on VVS FinancePowered by CronosYou can find more information on December 9.

The ZOGI’s future with Cronos and Labs

The partnership allows users to trade Zogi, and in the future MBLK, on ​​the Cronos chain. This milestone marks the start of a new journey. Zogi Labs and Cronos Cross-chain collaborations are a great opportunity for communities.

  • Zogi Bridge Integration in Cronos
  • NFT Mystery Boxes Item Sale
  • The MBLK public launch
  • User Rewards, gifts, and prizes
  • Integration Of Crypto.com Pay Other Crypto.com services

The Future for Zogi Labs & Cronos The future is bright with two major players in the crypto industry joining forces to bring industry-first innovations to the next level. Zogi Labs Look forward to working closely together Cronos Crypto.com will push the boundaries of creativity in cryptocurrency and its functionality beyond 2022.

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