Bitcoin News Deleted, Price Forecast of Pepe Slips


Pepe has made headlines again this month, with its popularity skyrocketing during the meme coin season. Despite its initial success, the token has since dropped to its lowest level since May 17, crashing by more than 66% from its peak this year.

Volume and volatility are both slipping, with 24-hour volume at $188 million, significantly lower than its all-time high of almost $1 billion. Google searches for Pepe have also dropped to their lowest level since April 28. Social media activity is similarly in decline, with the number of Pepe tweets decreasing.

Looking to the 30-period chart, Pepe appears to be in a strong bearish trend. It is currently sitting at a key support of $0.00000014, where it has struggled to move below in recent days. Volume has decreased, and the Average True Range (ATR) has dropped, indicating a decrease in volatility. This could mean a bearish breakout as sellers target the next key support at $0.00000011.

If you’re interested in buying Pepe, you can do so at various exchanges. Be sure to check out the security measures each exchange has in place before making a purchase.

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