Devconnect Returns for Istanbul Gathering!


Dear Ethereum Community builders, researchers and community,

We’re delighted to announce that Devconnect will be returning this November 13-19, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey! 🇹🇷 Last year, we had the first-ever Devconnect in Amsterdam and the positive impact it had on the ecosystem was palpable.

We want to create a gathering that allows for deep and meaningful discussions. Devconnect week-long festival will feature independent events that have different foci, with the goal of providing in-depth sessions that focus on specific topics. Ethereum Community members can meet in smaller groups and discuss, learn, and make progress in a specific subject. Events during Devconnect will be independent and hosted by experts in those domains. Our team will foster coordination to ensure hosts get logistical assistance, and there will be no overlap in similar domains that could pull participants in different direction. Furthermore, we will maintain a collaborative coworking area for anyone who is interested during the week.

To facilitate a deeper understanding of the topic, events will target experts or enthusiasts within the relevant domain. We want to apply the concept of subtraction to ensure that the events, impact, and progress the community can create during this week are maximized. If you’d like to host an event, stay tuned for more resources and information.

We would like to stress that Devconnect is not Devcon. Devcon will continue to be our primary event and we are excited about bringing it back in 2024 in Southeast Asia.

Why Istanbul? We have seen one particular community of developers and students stand out – the Turkish Ethereum Community has worked hard for the promotion of Istanbul. We carefully considered all the options available for the location, visited several possible venues, and evaluated each location before making our final choice. We believe that Istanbul is the perfect location for Devconnect 2023. Not only is it the vibrant metropolis of Turkey, where two continents meet, but it is also easily accessible, with visas that are relatively easy to obtain. Istanbul’s world-class airport can welcome tourists from all corners of the globe, and its efficient local metro and abundance of suitable venues for community events make it an ideal host city. We are confident that Istanbul’s unique combination of culture, history and modernity will inspire the global Ethereum developer community.

We understand that, while we wish to convey a message of joy, we have also been thinking about the implications that this could bring, including the devastating earthquakes that have had a major impact on southeast Turkey and Northwest Syria. Some members of the community have put together a list of ways to help. We hope the decision to bring Devconnect to Istanbul will encourage others to show their support and support this region.

We will continue to monitor the situation and, if you have any questions or concerns about earthquake safety, please reach out to us. We hope to see you soon in Istanbul during Devconnect November 2023 and create something special together.

Please mark your calendars: Devconnect IST, November 13-19, 2023. More updates, details, a schedule, and more will be coming soon. You can find out more information on our website and on Twitter. In the meantime, we hope to see you soon at one of our many other locations and community events happening in 2019.

Warm regards,
The Devconnect Team at EF

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