Google, Microsoft Join AI Bandwagon as AltSignals AI Project Gains Momentum


Microsoft GPT-4 was incorporated into the product earlier this year and Google has recently announced that its core search tool will now feature generative AI. AltSignals is a trading signal service that was launched in 2017 and it is now developing an AI-based algorithm to generate trading signals.

AltSignals AI based trading signals algorithm appears to have come at the perfect time, as big tech companies flock towards artificial intelligence technology. Microsoft incorporated OpenAI’s GPT-4 into its Bing OpenAI, the search engine that was launched shortly after OpenAI’s investment in OpenAI Company. The GPT-4 is a multimodal model which can be used to solve problems, generate text, and create original images.

Google’s search engine is the world’s most popular search engine and they have announced that its core search tool will now feature generative AI. This system is still in its experimental phase and initially will only be available to limited users.

AltSignals’ AI project is aimed at upgrading the platform’s signal-generating service after its early success. AltSignals is integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language understanding, and advanced sentiment analyses in signal generation. The new AltSignals’ AI-powered trading platform, dubbed ActualizeAI, will be powered by a native cryptocurrency called ASI, which will be the unit of membership in ActualizeAI, with holders being able to vote on the governance of the platform.

Going by the success that ChatGPT has had since its launch towards the end of 2022, AltSignals’ ActualizeAI project is poised for a similar uptake and the quick sell-out of the first AltSignals’ presale stage, the BETA stage, is already a testament that investors have confidence in the ActualizeAI project. AI technology is still in its infancy and big tech companies are working on solutions and most AI products are in the testing stage.

The ASI token, in addition to offering AltSignals members a chance to join the new ActualizeAI service, will allow AltSignals to earn additional revenue by trading the token after it is listed on central cryptocurrency exchanges. It is possible that the end date of the ASI pre-sale coincides with a matured AI industry, which would increase its popularity.

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